How to Plan a Chengdu Tibet Trip

Pandas in Sichuan are worthy seeing during a Chengdu Tibet trip.

As the map of China shows, Sichuan Province and the Tibet Autonomous Region are close neighbors. Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province. To travel from Chengdu to Tibet is a famous rout since you can experience different scenery and diverse local cultures: snow-capped mountains and Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, as well as fertile land and pandas in Chengdu.

Best Time to Plan a Chengdu-Tibet Trip?

Due to its location in Sichuan Basin, Chengdu has fuggy and cloudy weather in the majority days of a year. However, in summer it is the same hot as most cities in China. At the same time, in summer, it’s really rainy. So it is not a good decision to visit Chengdu in August. The best time to go to Chengdu is from March to June and September to November as it is less rainy and cooler.

Most cities in Tibet are located at a high altitude, causing thin air, strong sunlight and sometimes strong wind. And in Mt. Everest and Ngari region, there are even strong snow, wind and frozen. You are suggested to go to Tibet during April and October as you will be exposed to the beautiful sunrise and good weather.

How to Travel from Chengdu to Tibet?

There are three popular ways to travel from Chengdu to Tibet: by train, by flight and by overland trip.

It is a fantastic experience to have a Chengdu Tibet trip by train. The construction of the Qinghai- Tibet Railway makes it more convenient to go to Tibet, connecting Tibet to other cities in mainland China. This travel, starting from Chengdu Railway Station, lasts about 43 hours and covers almost 3,360 km. However, the tickets are quite limited and you need to book one in advance.

It is the best choice to fly to Lhasa from Chengdu. This flight will last less than 2.5 hours covering 1,334 km. Every day there are several flights and each one costs about 1,700 yuan.

Overland driving from Chengdu to Tibet is another optional way. Driving on the Sichuan Highway, you can witness the marvelous canyons and Tibetan locals dotted here and there. However, the condition is really bad as the altitude ascends from the Sichuan Basin to the Tibetan Plateau.

Attractions in Chengdu and Tibet

Chengdu is a city that famous for both its leisure lifestyle and its history. You can visit Jinlin Street to enjoy the local Chengdu snacks, and go to Wuhou Temple and Wenshu Temple to learn its historical stories. What’s more, you had better go to Giant Panda Breeding Research Base to have a close seeing of the lovely pandas.

Tibet is well-known for its breathtaking natural scenery of snow-covered mountains, clear blue sky, and traditional local Buddhist monasteries. The famous attractions you have to visit are the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Namtso, Yamdrok Lake, Lake Manasarovar, Mount Kailash and Everest Base Camp, etc. You can choose the places to visit according to your trip schedule. Or you can connect a local travel agency to arrange the itineraries for you.

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