Best Time to Visit Tibet

Most time in a year, Mt. Everest is worthy of visiting.

The best time to visit Tibet is always an important question for those who want to travel to Tibet. Nevertheless, there is no fixed answer to this question as it really depends on what you want to see and do in Tibet. Here are some recommendations according to varied things you may want to do during your Tibet trip.

Best Time to do Kora Ceremony around Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash, thought as the holiest places for Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon, is located in western Tibet. Due to the extremely high altitude and thin air, visitors need to overcome the coldness and wind both physically and mentally. A Kora Ceremony around Mt. Kailash usually lasts for three days.

The best time to have a Mt. Kailash kora tour is from April to mid-June and from September to mid-October, as there is no strong snowfall and monsoon rain then. The clear weather of these months could provide you with a good chance to view the mountains. And another best time is around the 15th day of April in the Tibetan calendar, when numerous pilgrims will come there and some religious ceremonies can be seen.

Best Time to Experience Tibetan Cultural Events

Visiting Tibet in its winter season is the best choice to experience its traditional Buddhist festivals and various cultural events. During Losar, Tibetan New Year, you will have a close witness of how local Tibetans make traditional Guthuk and visit their relatives. What’s more, you can join the local Tibetan pilgrims to enjoy the lit massive yak butter lamps at the Jokhang Temple at night.

During Saga Dawa Festival on April, 15th of Tibetan calendar, you can enjoy the giant Buddha figures in Drepung Monastery and Ganden Monastery.

Best Time to Have an Everest Base Camp Tour

Although the temperature is quite low in Tibet from January to February, the sky is really clear as there will be little snow. As long as you wear warmly enough, you will have a good sightseeing of Mt. Everest and have a wonderful time in Tibet.

From April to early June are the best months to see great mountains. It is warmer compared with the winter season, while is quieter than summer season which means there are fewer tourists than that in summer.

Though the temperature is fairly low from mid-September to December, the sky is really clear and you can have a good view of it.

Best Time to Take Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Lhasa

As Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the first railway to connect Tibet Autonomous Region with other provinces in China, to take it to Lhasa is considered as a once-in-a-lifetime journey. The highlight of this railway journey is from Golmud to Lhasa. The best time to take the Qinghai- Tibet Railway is from July to late October.

In summer, you will see the large-scale golden rapeseed flowers around Qinghai Lake and glittering mountains covered by snow. While in winter, you will experience a holy journey as the whole world outside the window is white with the entire Tibetan Plateau enveloped with pure snow.

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