Tibet Tourism Precautions

This is the sky dotted with white clouds in Tibet.

The roof of the world, Tibet, is a snow heaven with ultimate beauty and holy. At the same time, Tibet is one of the most desirable places and tourist destinations for many people. In recent years, traveling to Tibet has become more and more popular. However, you should not rush to Tibet because the high altitude makes it dangerous to visit Tibet. Because it has too much particularity, if you don’t know it well in advance, your Tibet trip may run into all kinds of trouble. There are some tourism precautions for your first trip to Tibet.

  1. What are the physical requirements of visiting Tibet? Who are not suitable to go to Tibet?

The environment in the Tibetan plateau region is relatively harsh, and people who enter Tibet have certain requirements for their health. Generally speaking, most people have no problem traveling to Tibet, except for some people who suffer from serious diseases.
For example, the following types of people:

  1. Suffering from heart disease, blood disease or cerebrovascular disease;
  2. Suffering from various respiratory diseases;
  3. Suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia, and uncontrolled diabetes;
  4. Having had the highland disease, such as plateau edema, plateau brain edema, and plateau heart disease;
  5. High-risk pregnant women;
  6. Having a severe cold, fever, or respiratory infection.
  7. How to prevent altitude sickness? How to alleviate after suffering from altitude sickness?

There are many medicines that prevent altitude sickness. You can go to the drugstore to consult a doctor. People are most familiar with the Rhodiola, there are capsule type, oral liquid type. These preventive drugs are generally taken about 10 days in advance, after entering Tibet to take the effect is not obvious.

Sometimes, even with the prophylaxis, altitude sickness is inevitable. So how do you relieve your pain? The drugs that can relieve the altitude sickness include the Panax Quinquefolium, Plateau Peaceful Capsule or Pellet, Inosine Tablets, etc. After altitude sickness, you should lie in bed to rest more, reduce the movement, and eat light food. If it is serious, you can take oxygen, but taking oxygen is not the best way. You are suggested that you cannot walk quickly, run more, do physical work, and overeat when you arrive at the highland area at the beginning. You should drink plenty of water, keep warm and bathe less to avoid catching a cold and wasting physical power. Don’t take oxygen at the beginning, you should try to adapt to the high altitude.

  1. Why can’t you go to Tibet with a cold? How to deal with a cold in Tibet?

Their body function of cold sufferers are destroyed, and their fighting disease ability abate to get altitude sickness easily. Especially, Pulmonary Edema, a particularly dangerous plateau disease, is easy to die without timely treatment. Cold patients, you are suggested that you cure a cold before going into Tibet.

You catch a cold in Tibet and do not have too big problem commonly, because you already had certain adaptability and resistance in the highland. You just need timely treatment. And, doctors in Tibet are very experienced in treating colds. You can also take some cold medicine with you, you once have cold omen and take it. Your cold symptom can disappear commonly in 1-2 days.

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