Tibet Tourists Attractions

Potala Palace is one of the great tourists attractions in Tibet.

Tibet, also known as the roof of the world, is regarded as one of the most mysterious and spectacular tourist attractions in the world. In this majestic region, tourists can take a glimpse of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, experiencing the ancient culture inherited from hundreds of years ago, visiting historical Buddhist constructions, and realizing how Tibetan Buddhists make of the world and the meaning of life. Apart from mysterious religion, sightseers also have chances to appreciate splendid tourist draws such as the renowned Potala Palace which is the world’s miracle, appealing to a great number of travelers and pilgrims every year. Here I would like to introduce some majestic Tibet tourists attractions and the absorbing history of Tibet, helping you to have great Tibet travels.

Visit the Potala Palace

Potala Palace, located in the Lhasa which is the capital of Tibet autonomous region in China, is the world’s highest palace attracting countless travelers from all over the world. It is not only a sublime and sacred Palace but integrates castles and monasteries, abounded with Tibetan religion, history, art, and culture. Potala Palace is built on a lot of mountains, around with overlapping buildings, and it is an outstanding representative of Tibetan ancient construction. In 1645, it was rebuilt and has become a religious and political center of Tibet since then.

There are some travel tips you are expected to pay attention to. First of all, only one hour for each travel group is available to visit The Potala Palace in order to protect the precious relic. And secondly, there are only 2500 tickets available every day from June to August due to the same reason. So it deserves your consideration to decide when it is the best time to have a visit to the Potala Palace.

Explore the Barkhor Street

The Barkhor street is the most prosperous commercial street in Lhasa built around Jokhang temple, located in the old town of Lhasa, also known as the sacred street by Tibetan.

The Barkhor street also combines a well-known pilgrim circuit where tourists could join the pilgrims, following them to circle around Jokhang Temple clockwise and roll the prayer wheels. This behavior is regarded as a kind of worship to Buddha sculpture of Sakyamuni set in the Jokhang temple.

Besides the pilgrim circuit, the Barkhor street is also known for its flourishing marketplaces. On both sides of the street, there are more than 120 handcrafts shops and 200 stall stands that are operated by over 1300 Tibetan merchants, selling more than 8000 various commodities, involving religious supplies such as copper buddha, prayer flag, and scripture. For household goods, there are a lot of local specialties for your choice. For example, Tibetan wool and apron, harness, snuff bottles, ghee, barleywine, milk residue, dried meat and so on. In addition, there are a variety of antiques, and even commodities from India, Nepal, Myanmar, Kashmir and other countries.

Tibet is a great tour region where tourists are not only can enjoy the breathtaking tour spots but have the taste of the mysterious Tibetan religion. It is worth travelers entering the ancient land, appreciating stunning attractions and exploring the history and culture of Tibet.

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