Tibet Travel Permit

The Tibet Travel Permit is very important and indispensable for foreign passport holders entering Tibet.

With the development of globalization and internationalization, the degree of opening up of China’s tourism industry has been greatly improved. For those who do not have a Chinese passport, many attractions in China can travel as long as they have a valid passport and a Chinese visa. But some places, such as Tibet, cannot travel only with a valid passport and Chinese visa. Located in the southwest border of China, Tibet has numerous attractions. Travel to Tibet, however, still requires a Tibet Travel Permit. The Tibet Travel Permit is also called the Tibet Entry Permit TTB.

The Tibet Travel Permit requires non-Chinese citizens, non-Chinese passport holders, non-Chinese ID card holders to apply for a permit to enter Tibet. The Tibet Travel Permit is the second travel certificate to Tibet in addition to the Chinese visa. The Tibet Travel Permit is very important and indispensable for foreign passport holders entering Tibet.

The Tibet Travel Permit is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. If you want to deal with the Tibet travel permit, you should give your basic information (including name, nationality, age, sex, occupation, passport number), routes of Tibet, roughly traveling time, travel intentions, phone number and other information by the local travel agency or directly submitted to the Tibet Tourism Bureau designated agencies in all over the world, and at the same time, the copies of passport homepage and visa by fax or Email to them, you will get relevant confirmation of entering Tibet within 2-4 days.

Upon receipt of a copy of the guest’s passport and visa, a letter of approval for foreign entry into Tibet is usually issued immediately. Although it only needs 3 working days to review and issue the Tibet Travel Permit. Considering the arrangement and reservation of travel matters related to you, such as air tickets, hotels, guides, and vehicles, you should go through the application procedures as early as possible, so as to get corresponding confirmation on the travel routes, time and place of entry into Tibet. Make your trip to Tibet smoother.


According to the regulations of China Tourism Administration, foreign tourists, Taiwan tourists overseas Chinese (except Hong Kong and Macao residents holding passports or returning certifications of Chinese special administration region) are not allowed to travel by themselves during in Tibet, and group tours must be organized and planned regardless of the number of tourists.

All organized overseas tour groups shall apply to the Tibet Tourism Administration and its offices for the Tibet Travel Permit by the travel agency entrusted by them. The Tibet Autonomous Regional Tourism Bureau has set up offices (in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Golmud and so on) for overseas individual travelers who want to enter Tibet.

A foreigner traveling to the Tibet border region may apply for a travel permit to the border region on the strength of the letter of the Tibet Travel Permit. It is generally handled by the Tibet travel agency.

After entering Tibet, the approval documents are sent to the tour guide for safekeeping. After traveling, the travel agency will return them to the tourism bureau for archiving. No entry permit is allowed to leave Tibet.

All tourists traveling to Tibet on official and journalist visas are not welcome by the travel agency. Please consult the Foreign Affairs Department for relevant information.

Tourist visa for the Tibet Travel Permit, you only need to submit your passport and visa scanning copy.

Application for a work visa to stay in China for one year or more shall be accompanied by a medical examination record for foreigners.

Resident visa (D) is required to submit the proof of work (or residence) for visitors; Visitor visa (F) must be submitted with the certificate of the Chinese invitee company; Employment visa (Z) is required to produce a certificate of employment; Student visa (X) is required to submit the certificate of the tourist’s school.

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