Travel Guide for your Tibet Trip

You need to know something in advance before your Tibet Trip.

Tibet, known as the “roof of the world”,  is an absolute delight to the senses. This land holds much historical significance for the natives, the Tibetans.  And the people here have dedicated themselves to save the indigenous culture of this region. A visit to Tibet is thoroughly life-affirming alongside all the adventure. There is no doubt that a cultural epitome such as Tibet will be bustling with tourists from across the world. This holy land has a lot to offer, but if you wish to visit this area, you will need a few things. One such thing is the Tibet Travel Permit! Read more to find out the complete process of getting your entry pass to Tibet.

We, at Great Tibet Tour, offer various Tibet travel packages for Tibet and provide tours to the inbound as well as outbound regions. With our years-long experience in this service, we guarantee you a safe and memorable trip abroad. Our packages are well-planned and work according to the systematized time settings. You can also customize the packages according to your priorities. Alongside planning your itineraries, we also help you get all the documents necessary for the trip.

Travel Tips for a Trip to Tibet

When you plan a trip with us, you will have everything sorted. However, we recommend the following tips to get started with your travel to Tibet:

  • Start 30 days in advance – In order to chalk out everything for the trip, it is imperative that you start on time. For a trip to Tibet, a minimum of 20 days is required for the planning. This time will be used in getting the travel permit, make the hotel bookings, booking the transportation, and more. The travel permit procedure will take the initial 7~10 days, followed by other preparations.
  • Most suitable time – The best time to go to and enjoy at Tibet is between May and October. The weather is favourable and the conditions at various areas are comfortable. Tibet is usually shut during the months of February and March due to the Tibetan New Year festivities. If you wish to visit the place in April, you will get to enjoy all the places with fewer crowds.
  • Fly in, Train out – One of the best ways of experiencing this mountainous country is through a flight in and a train out. This way, you can witness the beauty of this place both from the air and the land. It will also save you time and cost.
  • Take Care of Your Health – Since Tibet is located at a high altitude, it is important to maintain your health. Most of the tourist destinations are also situated at a good height above the sea level. High altitude means less oxygen and probable issues in breathing. To some, this can even lead to altitude sickness. If you have any major health problem or fall sick just before the journey itself, it is recommended that you do not visit these high-altitude places.

At the end of the day, it is important to understand and follow the cultural etiquettes of any place that you visit. It is expected that you eat and drink quietly without much interaction in between the meals. There are also strict regulations for a visit to the monastery. Tibetans are usually polite and friendly, especially to foreign guests. Make sure that you reciprocate their behaviour without disrespecting their culture. We will help you accommodate into the local atmosphere comfortably. You will have the best of your time in this trip to Tibet with us. Contact us for any of your enquiry about visit to Tibet and to obtain any necessary document required to visit Tibet.

We wish you a very Happy & Safe Journey to Tibet!

Author: Beatrice Xie

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